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The Proposal 💐

Words From the Heart:

To all the Lovely Women: who deserve goOd wOrds

Here goes my poetry:

“●The day when i will propose you;will be a history within me,
I wish you will not leave any mystery within we.

●This love is of year;and year’s more it will go,
Really the first proposal is full of fear;but before you everything i can bear.

●For the very first day when you came in my sight,
On that very moment i left my whole world beside.

●Just to get your single smile;I travelled miles a day,
And with a hope;that you will never allow me to feel like hell.

●Your smile can’t say;its your treasure or its my pleasure,
But whatever;its like spring with leaf floating like feather.

●You are so sweet for me;like sugar walking on the road,
And simply my heart following you like key to the door.

●So finally my love is for you & you for me,
No matter how long it takes;true love is always worth the wait..”©

Written by – Abhishek Raj

Twitter – @abhishekrj94

E-mail- abhishekrj94@gmail.com

Be Happy 😊