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🙇I can’t just Loose

Pc: Pinterest

“Firecrackers outside my window,sky was their limit
Choking air all around,but i was just reading

Those word of yours,which were my breath

Those lovely notions of your,which were mine favourite

But now its all like ,i am a burnt candle

Stiff from the bottom, shedded from the top
Love is in the heart but, fragments all over the path

Along with your memory,i cant take my  single step 

Along with your dream , i cant just loose life sematic race

Just to be stable ,i will have to take you down out of my heart

Just to be as what i am,will have to forget all your fairy tales….”©self

Written by -Abhishek Raj

E-mail – abhishekrj94@gmail.com

Stay blessed😊