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one word “OVER” 

P.C- Pinterest

•It’s now over between Me and You.
Her voice grazed my heart,during her hangover. 
Whole night,she was in my lap. 
With one word over,all over her head.

•Clock there on the wall,also not in a mood to swing. 
Air outside my room,also not in mood to sing. 
There’s Only silence all over my place. 
Except my lap,where my heart was in rest.

•My hand over her forehead,another in between her arm. 
Eyes there on her face,with feelings all in zest. 
This night was long, as many year’s together never had been. 
But it was more beautiful,than it ever have been..


🙇I can’t just Loose

Pc: Pinterest

“Firecrackers outside my window,sky was their limit
Choking air all around,but i was just reading

Those word of yours,which were my breath

Those lovely notions of your,which were mine favourite

But now its all like ,i am a burnt candle

Stiff from the bottom, shedded from the top
Love is in the heart but, fragments all over the path

Along with your memory,i cant take my  single step 

Along with your dream , i cant just loose life sematic race

Just to be stable ,i will have to take you down out of my heart

Just to be as what i am,will have to forget all your fairy tales….”©self

Written by -Abhishek Raj

E-mail – abhishekrj94@gmail.com

Stay blessed😊

The Proposal 💐

Words From the Heart:

To all the Lovely Women: who deserve goOd wOrds

Here goes my poetry:

“●The day when i will propose you;will be a history within me,
I wish you will not leave any mystery within we.

●This love is of year;and year’s more it will go,
Really the first proposal is full of fear;but before you everything i can bear.

●For the very first day when you came in my sight,
On that very moment i left my whole world beside.

●Just to get your single smile;I travelled miles a day,
And with a hope;that you will never allow me to feel like hell.

●Your smile can’t say;its your treasure or its my pleasure,
But whatever;its like spring with leaf floating like feather.

●You are so sweet for me;like sugar walking on the road,
And simply my heart following you like key to the door.

●So finally my love is for you & you for me,
No matter how long it takes;true love is always worth the wait..”©

Written by – Abhishek Raj

Twitter – @abhishekrj94

E-mail- abhishekrj94@gmail.com

Be Happy 😊